What do raccoons eat?

Interesting Facts About Raccoons

what do raccoons eat?

The masked bandit is called raccoons. The scientific name used for the raccoon is Procyon lotor. They look cute and attractive like bears.  Now there is a question, what do raccoons eat? Raccoons are true omnivores. So its means they can eat both plants and animals. They share a common ancestor with the bear. What do raccoons eat in wild

Habitat Of Raccoons

The raccoons live almost in all woodland and forest of the USA. They mostly preferred to live on the tree cavity that is near to the river, and pond. Raccoons have a great ability of hearing and even a highly developed sense of touch. The breeding season for raccoons is mostly in February and March. 

Raccoons Wild Food

As raccoons are not territorial and mostly live in various habitats, that is why there is diversity in their food. Raccoons love to eat plant food like, berries, apples, corns, and other all types of fruits that grow near their den. Moreover, raccoons also eat wild herbs, seeds, and nuts. Raccoons are strong swimmers. Animals’ food for the raccoons are snails, frogs, fish, and even snakes and turtles if they are easy to catch. Raccoons who live near farms can attack hens’ eggs and even eat baby chicks. In a nutshell, we can say that the ratio of plant to animal food varies by season and what is available.

Serious Diseases From Raccoons

Raccoons are a major source of serious diseases like trichinosis, and rabies

Interesting Facts about Raccoons

  • As raccoons are nocturnal, that is why they are mostly active at night. In the severe season of winter, they mostly dug up a hole in this den and become inactive for a few weeks without food.
  • The research shows that raccoons can live up to sixteen years in the wild. However,  raccoons die before five years of age. Most raccoons die amid second years of life owing to hunting, trapping, dogs, and automobiles.
  • The weight of young ones of raccoons is only 2 to 3 ounces when they are born. Mostly raccoons weigh is from 10 to 30 pounds, however, the largest raccoon ever recorded weighed is 60 pounds.
  • Raccoons mostly prey on pets and even damage crops.
  • The natural predators of raccoons are wolves, coyotes, foxes, horned owls, and even alligators.   



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