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Why dog Bites on Face ?

Dog Bites on Face

Sadly speaking, each year 1 to 2 million Americans are bitten by dogs and cats. Dog bites on face of an adult are mostly uncommon than children under five years of age. Dog bite attactBecause according to the research paradigm mostly 50% of dog bite victims are children.  The children receive draconian injuries on the head, neck, and even face. The wounds may range from severe scratches to extremely shocking facial injuries. Everyone should learn how to keep themselves safe while they are walking around or playing with dogs.       

Why dog bites?

No matter how beautiful dogs you have, dog biting is a natural phenomenon. There are many reasons, owing to which a dog might bite. A few things that  provoke the aggressive behavior of dogs are:

  • While a dog resting and an unknown person or especially a bambino bothers him can provoke a dog bite on the face. 
  • When a child suddenly approaches to dog from behind, it provokes a bite as well.
  • When dogs feel threatened, they bite the people.
  • All dogs love their territory. A dog may bite to protect its territory.
  • When dogs got an injury. They often do not feel well and do not like to be touched by their favorite people. So, try to stay away and don’t disturb him at this time.
  • Amid playing with your dog, running away from him can provoke it to bite. They think it is a part of the game. But after a while, it turns into certain aggression.

Signs Of Dogs Might Bite

There are some signs of a dog might bite. You need to show vigilance while noticing these signs in a dog. There are the following signs for a dog might bite:

Before biting, often dogs show flat ears. Moreover, cower waist and tail under legs are also some frequent signs of a dog’s bite.

What to do if a dog bites on face?

If your dog bites someone you need to take the following steps:

  • Don’t get panic, and try to stay calm as you can. Be polite and respectful with the victim instead of blaming the victim.
  • Swiftly wash the wound of the victim thoroughly with warm or soapy water.
  • No matter how minor injury the victim received from the bite, you should instantly call a professional doctor for medical care. Don’t shun it because a slight scratch can cause acute infection.
  • It’s better to confine your dog in another room. Moreover, immediately contact your veterinarian so that he cures your dog by providing timely treatment.

 Facial Injury caused  From Bite

  • Lacerations which mean a deep cut or tear in skin or flesh is soft-tissue injury. The most common facial injury caused by a dog bite is lacrimal duct damage and facial nerve damage.

Healing Time for Dog Bite

Dog bites on the face are very painful for the victim. Healing depends on the wound how severs you got from the dog. However, your dog bite may take seven days to several months to heal the type of the infection. Strictly follow the advice of your medical professional because you need special care of your wound for a fast recovery.

Signs of a Sever Dog Bite

High fever, night sweat, uncontrolled bleeding from the wound, difficulty moving the affected part of the body, and a red swollen wound are the most frequent symptoms of a dog bite. To prevent infection there is a need for emergency treatment from medical. Because without treatment, bite wounds can become most infected.

Dog Bite Treatment

You can follow the following effective self-treatment against the dog bite wound:

  • You should need to wash the wound using soap or warm water.
  • Gently keep a clean cloth around the infected part of the body to stop the bleeding.
  • Apply antibiotic cream around the infected area.
  • After that, you need to wrap a bandage around the wound.
  • Now quickly need to move to the doctor’s clinic.

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