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If you have innovative ideas and want to write for us on our site. We are warmly welcoming you for your content contribution to our site!! The purpose of our site is to provide well-written and exciting content to our beloved visitors. So, we are accepting only unique and SEO content for our site. But before submitting content, you need to follow our guidelines for content writing.

Why Do You Need a Guest Post With Us?

We highly appreciate businesses and bloggers publishing their content with us for more exposure in the digital field. By publishing content on cushypool.com, they can reach their target audience easily. You can write attractive trading, finance, tech, and education posts. 

Categories For Accepting Write For Us Content

As we are going through vast ideas related to Writing for our content. We are accepting engaging articles for the following categories

  • Business
  • Crypto
  • Forex
  • Finance
  • Tech
  • Game
  • Travel
  • News
  • Auto 
  • Digital Marketing
  • Home Decor
  • Sports
  • Health
  • Pets
  • Fashion
  • Education

Rules and Guideline For Publishing

Please strictly follow these below-mentioned guidelines for content submission; otherwise, we’ll ignore articles. 

  • Write error-free and well-structured articles related to our Blog 
  • The article should be unique and SEO friendly, valuable to the reader, and make proper sense 
  • Try to pick a trending topic for the post
    The length of an article should be 500-1000 plus words
  • Spin and plagiarized Content are not allowed ( it will be removed automatically from the site)
  • Try to avoid spam and broken link in the content
  • You may send 1-2 copyright-free images with the blog post
  • The maximum time for the publication of the article is 24 hours

Benefits of Guest Posting With Us

There are a lot of benefits of guest posting with our site cushypool.com. It’s highly beneficial for:

  • Those who want business exposure and brand reach
  • Those who want to share their story with the world and access a global audience of readers
  • If you have a business website, then you get 1 powerful Backlink for your site
  • Improve article writing skill
  • Get Good Traffic for your business website

How to Submit Guest Post on CushyPool

It’s a wonderful simple guest post or writes for us with the cushy pool. In order to publish your content to our Blog, you can send us through email at [email protected]. After our moderation system and check by the team, we’ll publish your content on our website. 

Write For us

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You can contact us for any query at any time; we always try our best to respond to our beloved visitors asap.

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