Can Horses Eat Cauliflower

Can Horses Eat Cauliflower?

(And why it may or may not be a good idea)

Adapting to healthier foods is one of the best habits a man could have in his lifestyle. Consuming healthy fruits and vegetables is a fast way of boosting your immune system and improving your lifestyle. 

Therefore, the same goes for our neighboring creatures, the animals. Unfortunately, Horses are unable to eat many vegetables. In this article, I will examine a horse’s diet and answer “Can Horses Eat Cauliflower?’

Horses and Cauliflower

Horses are owned by many people. Those who are new to having pet Horses may not know this, but Horses are actually natural herbivores!

It goes without saying, that it seems almost natural to wish to feed your Horse a treat. Knowing they are herbivores, it’s obvious to want to feed them vegetable-based foods. Cauliflower is common among those suggestions.

Cauliflower is harvested from September to November, as it is known as a fall crop. Cauliflower is packed with nutrients and is eaten with many different things, in many different cultures.

Can Horses Eat Cauliflower?

Horses have highly sensitive digestive systems. Horses stick to eating grass and hay throughout the day. But if you wish to add vegetables to your Horse’s diet, you must pick them wisely. Cauliflower is not safe for Horses. All cause horses discomfort, especially in their digestive tract.

What happens when Horses Eat Cauliflower?

As mentioned above, the consumption of Cauliflower leads to strong discomfort in a Horse’s body. It directly affects the digestive tract. The digestive tract is not a good place to be harmed, especially for an energetic animal like a Horse. 

Even if a small portion of Cauliflower is fed to a Horse, it could lead to chronic sickness later on and make it hard for you to take care of them for days, or weeks.

Furthermore, simply being fed a bite of Cauliflower could lead to the Horse rejecting food. This rejection of food could lead to the following, more serious diseases, Gastrointestinal irritation, Goiter ,and Anemia.

Can Horses Eat Cauliflower Leaves?

We know that horses cannot eat the Cauliflower itself, but people are curious to know if any other part of the Cauliflower is edible for the horse. Such as the leaves that wrap a Cauliflower beautifully.

Unfortunately, the answer to that question, too, is no. It’s not just the white floral part that should be avoided, the leaves also come in that range so are disallowed.

Is it Okay to feed Horses Cauliflower in moderation?

If you feel the need to give your pet Horse a healthy snack to boost their mood and nutrition, you could feed the Horse a very little amount. This step should be done, taking into consideration the side effect mentioned above. Additionally, before anything, consulting a veterinary professional is highly suggested. Introducing it in small amounts and in moderation shall be applied to their diet.

What other Fruit or Vegetable should be given to Horses?

Knowing which Fruit or Vegetable is good for Horses is equally as important as knowing which Fruit or Vegetable is bad for Horses. This part focuses on the brighter side and the healthier options.

Carrots – Vitamin A

Apples – Gut health improvement

Parsnips – Low sugar content

Celery – Fiber, high water content

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can Horses Eat Cauliflower?

No, horses cannot properly digest most vegetables, let alone a Cauliflower. It will harm the Horse’s digestive tract and immune system.

Can Horses Eat any Other Parts of Cauliflower?

No, Horses can’t eat any part of the Cauliflower. The white floret is not to be eaten. The green leaves are not to be eaten. Both are equally as bad.

Which is better for a Horse; raw or cooked Cauliflower?

Raw Cauliflower is packed with nutrients and has a strong form of Vitamin K in it, so it is definitely preferred. But this should only be done after a veterinary professional allows Cauliflower to be added to Horse’s diet.


To sum it all up, Cauliflower, or its leafy parts, aren’t suitable for Horses as they cause problems in their digestion. Although Cauliflower isn’t a toxic food, it’s just not preferred in a Horses diet.

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