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Things To Know About Mae Akins Roth

Mae Akins Roth is a celebrity kid born on July 3, 2005, via surrogate mother in the united states of America. Mae Akins has beautiful face features with dark brown eye color and blonde hair. Mae was born after the second marriage of her parents. Her father’s name is Matt Roth, a famous actor in America, and her mother, Laurie Metcalf, is also a well-known actress in America.

Education and Hobbies

Mae completed her primary education at a private high school in her hometown, but the information about college or university is unknown. She participates in co-curricular activities as her favorite sports are swimming and Ice hockey. Her hobbies are Scrapbooking and listening to music.

Personal life

Much information about her personal life has not been revealed, but according to some sources, she has a boyfriend. Mae refuses to share any information about her boyfriend as she wants some privacy in her personal life. That’s why she hasn’t shared any information about her personal life on the internet yet. Furthermore, her age at the time is around 15 years, so she may become involved in relationships and affairs as she matures and becomes more conscious of the distinctions.

Mae is in the spotlight because of her parents, yet she has no professional life. Mae spends most of her time with her family. This cancer teen has attended some red carpet events to support her mother and elder sibling.

Family and Facts

Mae’s mother, Laurie Metcalf, is a well-known actress in America. Metcalf earned a Bachelor of Arts in Theater from Illinois State University in 1976. She started her career as a secretary in college, after that she started acting. Along with her class fellows, she went to Steppenwolf theater company, where she met its co-founding member, Jeff perry. And in 1983, they got married. They had a daughter,  whos name is Zoe Perry.

But their marriage ended due to personal issues, and they divorced after three years of marriage. Metcalf is a big name in Hollywood. Laurie Metcalf received numerous acting awards for her best performance, including three Primetime Emmy Awards and two Tony Awards, and she was nominated for an Academy Award. Metcalf made her first appearance on the top-rated CBS sitcom The Big Bang Theory in 2007 as Mary Cooper, the mother of Jim Parsons’ character.

Metcalf again started her relationship with her co-actor Matt Roth of the Roseanne series. His role was of an abusive boyfriend, Fisher. They had a son, Will, and eventually got married in 1993. After 12 years, Mae Akins was born. They also adopted a son, Donovan, at the age of six. Unfortunately, this one could not last, just like her first marriage, and they separated on November 26, 2008, after 15 years of togetherness.

Mae’s father, Matt Roth, worked in more than 30 movies and is widely known for his role in the medical drama grey’s anatomy. In the mid of 2006, he joined the cast of Desperate Housewives as a new neighbor, Art Shephard.

Jeff Perry, the stepfather of Mae Akins, has also been in more than 70 television projects, including “Grey’s Anatomy,” the human stain,” and “My so-called life.” He also performed with his daughter or Mae’s half-sister Zoe perry in 2015. According to Jeff, it was a difficult challenge to work alongside her daughter.


Mae has one biological brother, Will Theron Roth, an adopted brother Donovan Roth, and a half-sister, Zoe perry. Much information about Donovan and Will is not available, though there are a lot of crazy fans who wish to be aware of the social networking profiles of their favorite celebrities.

Mae’s half-sister, Zoe Perry, was born on September 26, 1983, in Chicago, and her zodiac sign is a Libra. She is now 38 years old, an actress who started her carrier after graduation in new york by performing on small screens. The actress is currently at the top of her career. She has done more than six movies, 14 television dramas, and 12 theatres.

She performed with her father and mother as well in an award-winning serial “the other place.” Zoe Perry is well-known for her role in Young Sheldon as Mary Cooper and still has a long way. She has not posted anything about her personal life on the internet. It’s also possible that she conceals her personal life because she doesn’t want the world to know about it. It was all about Mae Akins Roth biography. If you have any question , you can comment below.

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