visit to Kashmir

Things to Do in Kashmir 

You must be thinking of Kashmir as a beautiful place with brilliant scenery, Vegetation, and hilly areas. But let me tell you, a visit to Kashmir is a lot more than that. You must do some essential things and places you must visit in Kashmir.

Skiing, trekking, Camping, adventure, fun is what Kashmir hides in itself. The only thing is that you must find and enjoy those fun things as a true travel lover.  Okay, so let me help you with some of those places. 

Trekking in the Himalayas with deadly routes

It is the most exciting action for a migrant who loves to explore new things. Encircled by the Great Himalaya, vivid meadows, and water streams, Kashmir is brimming with ponders for nomads. Journeying in Jammu and Kashmir is seriously difficult and invigorating, where you would track down an ever-increasing number of lovely things and perspectives. On the off chance that you have guts, don’t pass up a significant opportunity: the trip to Chadar, the most arduous journey of India. 

Shikara rides in Dal Lake

It is a kind of wooden boat found on Dal Lake and other water assortments of Srinagar in Jammu and Kashmir, India. A typical Shikara seats six individuals, with the driver rowing at the back. The Boat ride is affordable for the people, which is 400 per hour.

visit to Kashmir

It is the most enjoyable part of your Kashmir trip where you can feel loose, witness the beauty of nature, know the Kashmiri way of life, drifting business sectors, and an assortment of blossoms. Your trip would be incomplete without this place.

Camping in Kashmiri Hills 

While a visit to Kashmir, Camping in Kashmiri Hills is the dream of every traveller. These are the ideal destinations for people visiting Kashmir, which provide the best possible views. Camping near the snow-laden mountains and having a beautiful and mesmerizing sunset view through the Himalayas will leave you wonderstruck. 

You can have bonfire nights and jamming sessions sitting under the sky filled with stars during the Camping. Stargaze with your friends and loved ones making the best memories of your life. Moreover, the temperature falls to minus during the night and in the daytime. Hence you need to carry extra, comfortable warm clothes and thermal inners. 

 Skiing & Snowboarding 

The Gulmarg skiing and snowboarding are fit to the cutting edge and so is recommended to be one by experienced riders who appreciate the off-piste boondocks landscape. There are a few beginners and middle-of-the-road territories that the Indian vacationers enjoy; however, Gulmarg Kashmir is certainly not the spot for the normal novice or moderate rider. 

Horse riding adventure in Srinagar

The Kashmir district is honoured with beautiful locations like Pahalgam, Gulmarg, Yusmarg, Sonmarg, and Kokernag. Here vacationers can appreciate horse rides. In the Jammu area, vacationers visiting Patnitop, Sanasar, and Kishtwar are the best places for horse riding. You can see this horse riding in any season, be it winters, summers, or monsoons. They will take you through the lush green forests and meadows through the hills. 


You must know by now what paragliding is. So, paragliding is a sports ride where we are attached to a parachute and take a ride up in the sky.

It may seem terrifying at once while climbing up through this considerable height. But once you do it, it is the most beautiful moment of your life. You can view the whole city or state through the sky, which looks tiny and beautiful. 

Golfing at the top Golf course in Kashmir 

You can go Golfing at Pahalgam to add more flavour to our journey. Kashmir has four elite fairways that offer the most astonishing perspective on the scene. These activities will never fail to impress you or entertain you. For those who play golf, it is the best place for them. The lush green beautiful ground has a serene environment, and you will love to play in the same. 


Here we have discussed some paramount things you can do while planning a visit to Kashmir. In a nutshell, Kashmir is an adorable place on earth. Ev.ery part is so charming that anyone can fall in love with it. Please comment below, if you have any questions.  You can read more about Spiti Valley

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