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Things to do Pawna Lake trek

Are you planning your trip to Pawna Lake? I’m sure you’re on the right track. It’s a fantastic opportunity to enjoy your weekend. Even if you’re uncertain of the best location to visit, we will provide you with the information to ensure your stay is comfortable, simple, memorable, and exciting.

Lohagad Fort

If you plan to go to Pawna Lake, take it as you do, Lohagad. Then, you can go on to Bhaja Caves on the opposite side of the slope. Be sure to start in and beat the heat. The panoramic views of Hills around and Pawna lake when you reach the summit. The Fort is awash with ruin sites.

There is no cost for passage, and there are no official guides. In any case, the ASI staff at the post are helpful and will take the visitor around as you come closer. A few water supply points or a dargah and three or four sanctuaries within Fortifications make the trek all the more fascinating. Set aside around two hours to visit. Paid parking at the foot of the Hill. There are a few lavish restaurants to eat in. There are no shops along the way or in the Fort.

Visapur Fort

Alongside the Pawna lake trek, you can also enjoy the Visapur Fort. It is a place you must be sure to go to. The Visapur adventure is of moderate difficulty. Therefore, it is suitable for both novices and experienced adventurers. Despite the fact the route you’ll be taking is rough, it’s an enjoyable experience for you since your path is lined with many trees that are deciduous close to.

Temple Pilots Paragliding

One thing you must do when visiting this Lake is Paragliding. A thrilling experience on that bucket list of every tourist. Most people go to this location because of this reason. When you’re up in the sky, reaching the highest point, the view you can see with your eyes is simply breathtaking. The roads, the land, and houses appear tiny and beautiful.

Bhaja Caves

Bhaja Caves is a gathering of 22 caves cut from stone that go into the 2nd century BC located within Pune, India. The caves span 400 feet above that of Bhaja. Bhaja Caves is a collection of Buddhist Caves operated under the Hinayana order of Buddhism close to Lonavala in Maharashtra.

The construction work for the Caves started in the 2nd century BC and was completed around the 2nd century AD. Additionally, the abundance of plants throughout the caverns gives them a unique attraction that pleases many eyes. Additionally, there is a fantastic Cascada in the vicinity of the cavern, which offers the chance to take the entire world on a breathtaking plunge.

Tung Fort

Tung post can also be referred to as the Kathingad fortress. “Kathin” means trouble. “Kathin” in Marathi means risk.The most amazing part is that it’s only 3.6 kilometers from Pawna and hence you could plan your camping trip to Tung fort, too. Tung Fort is located at the height of approximately 3000 feet. It can be challenging to climb, but everything is worth it when you get to the top.

Dinosaur Park

Explore a tiny Jurassic Park in Lonavala that is spread over 6.5 areas of terrain. It is not an age limit, and children older than three are charged. There are Dinosaurs celebrations, games, and events around dinosaurs and offer plenty of entertainment.

Food establishments and shops ensure that your food cravings are satisfied. Unfortunately, food outside isn’t allowed. This attraction is interesting for children, but adults don’t like it. The visitors mostly complain about the cash-based incentives they receive and the nature of dinosaur-themed structures. Nevertheless, it’s a fantastic spot for children and adults to relax after a tiring hike to Pawna lake.

Dudhiware Waterfall

Nearby to this Lake, Dudhiware Falls is a spectacular spot to take a trip. The waterfall’s height stands at 135 feet. It is renowned for cascade rappelling, zip-line, and valley crossing. It is a thrilling experience there. The perspective of the waterfall is breathtaking and seamless. The backdrop is Lohagad Fort and Pawna Dam; this waterfall is awe-inspiring with the water flowing through and lush forest all around. It truly is an enjoyable experience.

Camping close to the Pawna Lake

The perfect campground is set on a stunning green landscape near the shores of Pawna lake and is surrounded by misty valleys that make up the Western Ghats. Imagine camping in tents on the river’s banks and then enjoying dancing and gaming with food and a bonfire. Tell me about an ideal way to spend your weekend. I’ll keep you posted.

The beauty of Pawna  is made more apparent by the presence of various vacation destinations nearby, such as Lohagad Fort, Tikona Fort, Tung Fort, and Visapur Fort. The freshness of the atmosphere is an excellent destination near Lonavala or Khandala to experience a sober end to the week experience.

It doesn’t end there. This, but you can look up at the stunning night sky with friends and family members, creating a memorable night in your life and also speaking to the moon and the stars. Sounds fascinating, right? As I said, I’m sure you’ll never regret coming to this spot and making endless memories.


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