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Everything You Need To Know About Spiti Valley

Introduction To Spiti Valley

Near well known Ladakh rests a beautiful and majestic region with unreal scenery overflowing with rich heritage called Spiti valley. Ever wondered where you could go off-road on a vacay to Himachal Pradesh? Then Spiti is perfect for you. Locally known as the “Little Tibet” or the “cold desert mountain valley,” Spiti is nestled between India and Tibet. When people go traveling to Spirit, they are usually looking for quick getaways, shorter rides to the destination, traveling on a budget, with friends or solo, are okay with traveling on bad roads, have been to Ladakh, and looking away to keep away from crowds. If this checks all your boxes, then what are you waiting for? Before vacationing amidst clear rivers and legendary heights, let’s dive into what you need to know.


Being one of the least populated regions in India and surrounded by high snowy mountains, heavy Himalayan snow blocks the mountain valleys, making it completely hard for road transport to get through. We suggest you make the trip in late spring from late May to late September. The snow slowly softens and disappears to open street travel to the valley as the temperature heats up. You can bask in the daylight for about 250 days of light in a year, while winter is unbearable. The temperature usually drops as low as -30 degrees Celsius, as natives have to use alternative heat equipment and snuggle up around the fire with their loved ones. Many natives praise celebrations and most family events in the winter, stocking up food and neighborhood liquor.

Making It To Spiti

Two street paths are making the way to the Trans-Himalayas of Spiti; one from Shimla using Kinnaur valley, and the other from Manali. The latter takes at least 2 days, reaching the end of the day in Kalpa or Reckong Peo. Moreover, it gives more opportunities to adjust to the elevation steadily. The last takes about 12-14 hours, accidental on street conditions.

What To Take

Revisiting that it is a cold mountain desert, the climate is extreme. It is extreme both ways as the sun might burn your skin, and the cool areas will get you goosebumps. We suggest you pack layers and carry full-sleeve T-shirts, sun caps, sunglasses, and any other cover from the sun you can afford. Walking shoes is a must.

Me, Myself And Friends

The quiet serenity and new villages at every pass with sublime tributaries make it perfect for a solo trip or road trip with friends. Although the towns are pretty isolated, they are home to hospitable natives and provide an inviting take, especially for solo travelers. It comes with challenges, though, as your unfortunate adventure can range from weak state transports, taking a ride from strangers, and ending up without a decent guest house. Further, you can jump into specialized tours to Spiti, including various experiences like climbing, culture, and touring.

Getting Permits

Travelers going to Spiti, from Shimla or Manali, should not expect licenses to enter Spiti. Solo travelers entering Spiti using the Kinnaur path from Shimla require internal line grants since this course takes you near the Tibetan outskirts. Grants can be acquired at Reckong Peo close Kalpa and could take some hours to be issued.

Transport Availability

Only BSNL sim cards obtained in Himachal Pradesh work in Spiti, mainly in Kaza (Spiti capital) and lower towns. Nonetheless, a solitary digital bistro opened in Kaza that draws on the military satellite to offer a web association whose speed helps you remember your grandmother’s old dial phone.

Homestays In The Spiti Valley

Many families in Spiti offer their homes and guest houses for travelers, with the assistance of Ecosphere, a social undertaking that takes a shot at the practical advancement of the area. Moreover, these homes are excellent, with the backdrop of the Himalayas that make it a memorable stay. What is not extraordinary is the toilets in Spiti, which are dry and de-treating the soil in nature, especially if you have to squat over a gap in the ground.

Altitude And Fitness

The height of Spiti ( 3300-5000 meters) needs important acclimation for each traveler, even though it’s your first time at such a height. Therefore, it’s good to adventure up slowly, either through Shimla, stopping most of the ways in Kinnaur, or by spending the last night in Manali on the path by using Rohtang Pass.

Cash exchange Issue

You might find one or two ATMs in Kaza, although their working is regularly slow. So, it’s easy to transport enough money from Manali/Shimla. However, there is no cash exchange in Spiti valley..

That’s all you need to know, folks! Before traveling, you must constantly research and travel with good local knowledge. Let us know how we helped.

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