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Best Project Management Software in 2022

Small and start-up enterprises often use specialized project management software to manage projects. It helps to avoid pitfalls and get more productive outcomes. The issue is that most software tools are costly in the initial stage of business.

Specific high-quality free tools will assist you in working on your projects efficiently! 

 1. ActiTIME

The essential features are:

  • Time tracking
  • Invoicing and bill-paying
  • Kanban board
  • Performance reports

ActiTIME is a user-friendly timesheet application with robust project management software in Surat property. It allows managers to design projects, assign assignments, divide workloads among employees, keep an eye on their progress and find any region of weakness in the team’s staging.

Additionally, the robust reporting system offers valuable insight on team efficiency and time-use device, and the project’s costs and income. This process assists project managers in determining if everything is going according to plan and immediately spot any potential risks from budget and schedule overruns.

The software is offered in a cloud-based solution and a self-hosted service. It is incredibly cost-effective. Additionally, groups of up to three users can make use of actiTIME’s basic edition of the tool for absolutely nothing, making it a fantastic choice for starting smaller businesses.

2. Nifty

Important features:

  • Planning of projects
  • Team communication
  • Software integrations

Nifty is a cloud-based SaaS tool. It has a wide range of functions to help you manage your project successfully. It supports communication tasks and scheduling. Nifty supports integration with many other valuable applications, including Google Suite, Slack, and Zoom.

In Nifty, you can rapidly create projects and portfolios. It also helps in budget tracking, and extensive reports.

3. GanttProject

The most essential features are:

  • Gantt charts
  • Workload management
  • Cost management for projects

This application allows users to manage their work structures and projects with ease. Utilizing GanttProject, it is possible to make work breakdowns and tasks in an orderly tree. It lets you begin with deadlines, priorities, and milestones. It also aids in establishing dependency constraints between various jobs. 

GanttProject allows users to export data in various formats. We can use this with Windows, OSX, and Linux. The program is free and ideal for small-sized teams that cannot spend money on complicated project management software.

4. Orchard Collaboration

The essential features are:

  • Management of Milestones
  • Project discussions
  • Automatically sent notifications
  • Software integrations

Orchard Collaboration is a no-cost and open-source ticketing project management tool. It lets users plan projects, monitor their progress, generate tickets and issues. It also invites clients to participate in projects.

5. Airtable

Important features:

  • Planning of projects
  • Real-time collaboration
  • Multiple modes of view
  • Software integrations

Airtable allows you to manage all of your work and facilitate team collaboration. It acts as a database with an inherent spreadsheet-like interface. It makes it easier to gain access to essential project data than standard databases, which are often messy and difficult to navigate.

Airtable can be integrated with practical third-party applications. It supports various data views, from grids to images galleries. It provides everything your team needs to develop a highly productive workflow and keep track of the progress of projects in an efficient manner.

6. Hubbion

Important features:

  • Task plan
  • Calendar of projects
  • Easy data export

Task reminders

Hubbion is a cost-free tool for collaboration and project management for small teams. Its essential features are calendar view, task planning, and sharing files. It is a fundamental tool for managing tasks and gives managers the option of assigning tasks to employees to ease collaboration.

The application has a plan and dashboard view, allowing users to keep track of deadlines, add comments to tasks, and share files through the built-in messaging feature. The users can add bosses or clients to projects they’re working on to keep them informed of the progress of their work.


Project Management System or PMS is a program that can control the project and monitor its performance. It is elegant and automates scheduled tasks, and boosts the effectiveness. It lets you build projects, assign tasks to people and supervise them all through one portal. Ultimate Business System (UBS) is an organization head in giving the best Project Management System software (PMS).


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