Rent a House in Lebanon

4 Things to Consider Before You Rent a House in Lebanon

Rich history, ancient mosques and churches, extraordinarily beautiful beaches, and ski resorts of Lebanon make it a popular place to live in. If you are going to live in Lebanon, you may want to rent a house in Lebanon. It is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. 

Even if you aren’t a tourist and are just a local inhabitant trying to rent a property, this article will help you choose a better option for you.

In this article, we will talk about 4 things you should consider before you rent a house in Lebanon.


First of all, you should consider the budget that you can spare for renting the house. Keep your budget in mind and don’t try to overburden yourself. Apart from the initial spending required, you should not ignore the monthly rent.

Property taxes and utility bills should also be included in the affordability consideration.

If you are going to rent a house in Lebanon in a hotter area, a house with a higher roof would be more suitable. Otherwise, the cost of temperature maintenance would be high.

Location of the house

The location of the house is the second thing that you should consider when buying or renting. Make sure it is close to your office or any other destination that you’ll be visiting often. You wouldn’t want to wake up early every day and travel for hours.

Consider the commute options, if public transport will be available easily or you’ll have to drive or walk a long way.

The safety of the house you want to rent is important. You should take a look at the crime rate in the neighborhood.

Condition of the house

If the house is affordable and is located in a suitable location, the next step is the inspection of the condition of the house. It is better to take a good look at the house’s condition during day time.

When you are renting a house in summer, consider the fact that it can get damp in winter. Take into account the ventilation of the house and temperature maintenance mechanisms.

If the house requires some maintenance, ask the landlord to fix the problems before your tenancy starts. If the house requires some major changes, you should probably skip it and look for a better option. In my personal experience, is a best site where you can get your desire home. 

Check the paperwork

Getting the tenancy agreement right is very important. Just like any other contract, it is supposed to be a two-way street. When you are agreeing to pay the rent on time regularly, make sure you mention the responsibilities of the landlord like timely maintenance as well.

Inquire if you can make changes to the house and make it a part of the contract. Make sure you have gone through the whole document thoroughly and haven’t missed anything.

Final Words

These are some of the most important things to consider when you are trying to rent a house in Lebanon. Well, there are a lot of others as well that we will cover in other articles.

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