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Treatments For Gum Problems and Diseases

Oral health studies have shown that many Quebecers suffer from periodontal disease. One of the leading causes of tooth loss in adulthood (between 70% and 80%) is gum problems. Therefore be carefully considered and treated as soon as they appear. Good news! You can easily maintain healthy gums with proper care and healthy oral habits. Do you think you have a gum problem or disease? Reading this article will teach you more about the best treatments available.

Gum Disease: what is it?

In most cases, this is a bacterial inflammation caused by the buildup of dental plaque, a mixture of food residues, saliva, and “bad” bacteria. When dental plaque is not removed with regular brushing, flossing, and cleaning at your dentist, it eventually builds up and progresses. The gums become infected; this is called gingivitis.

Over time, one or more teeth, and the bones that support them, can also be affected (periodontitis). Without dental treatment to remedy it, the teeth are at risk of loosening and falling out (advanced periodontitis). Sometimes it is necessary to extract the affected tooth to maintain its oral health.

What are the Warning Signs of a Gum Problem or Disease?

How do you know if you have gum disease? Good question! Although gingivitis can go unnoticed and not be painful, it can quickly worsen. Here are some severe signs that can alert you:

  • White or red gums rather than pinkish
  • Bleeding occurs when brushing teeth or flossing
  • Swollen, painful, or tender to the touch gums 
  • Bad breath that doesn’t go away

Do you experience any of these symptoms? We strongly recommend that you not wait for “this to pass,” even when no particular pain is felt. The consequences on your teeth can indeed be significant.

Fortunately, preventive dental care and curative treatments prevent and treat gum disease. By quickly consulting a dentist, he will assess your situation and offer you the appropriate treatments.

Preventive Dentistry: to avoid gum problems

Healthy gums are essential for good oral health: they protect teeth and give them great strength by supporting the tissues that connect them to the jaw. That is why diseases and conditions affecting the gums can generally damage your teeth and health.

Simple actions can prevent these gum problems. How do you get there?

It would be best to adopt good oral hygiene habits such as brushing your teeth with a soft-bristled toothbrush twice a day. Remember to massage the gums; floss daily; use as needed. In addition, use an anti-tartar toothpaste, a dental spray, or an antiseptic mouthwash.

By seeing your dentist regularly, at least once a year. The various preventive dental treatments offered – complete examination, dental cleaning, or scaling – are suitable for all ages and allow Gum Disease Treatments in texas to be detected and treated as early as possible.

Prevention IS the best solution to preserve and maintain your oral health. By taking the initiative and opting for preventive dental care, you are putting the odds in your favor so that dental plaque and pie do not accumulate under the gum tissue and lead to the development of gum disease. Periodontal disease is generally mild and reversible when detected and treated early.

Periodontics: Treatments to take care of and heal your gums

Periodontics is the discipline of dentistry devoted exclusively to the diagnosis and treatment of pathologies affecting the periodontium, that is to say, all the supporting tissues of the teeth, the cementum of the tooth root, the gums, and bones.

The periodontist is a specialist dentist who has completed specific additional training over several years. In collaboration with your attending dentist, he acts as an expert to effectively treat gingivitis and periodontitis.

Several treatments are possible and depend on the degree of evolution of the inflammation of the gums:

The most common, root planing, involves deep cleaning of all of the tooth’s supporting tissues. Simple brushing is no longer enough to remove bacteria and tartar that have settled and accumulated.

A gum graft may be recommended during tooth loosening in more advanced cases. This intervention under local anesthesia allows the gum to be restored to its full functionality.

At the Mont-Royal Dental Center, all periodontic services are offered on-site. So, if your gums are sore or bleed easily, don’t wait any longer to get your oral health assessed. Its periodontists will support you and advise you on the appropriate treatments for your situation. Treat your gum disease and problems once and for all!

Here! Now you know a little more about gum disease and the possible treatments.

As is often the case, prevention remains the best option to guard against these problems. Appropriate brushing, the use of dental floss, and complementary products (fluoride toothpaste, antibacterial mouthwash, etc.) offer the best guarantees for good oral health.

It is also essential to an appointment with a dentist for your annual dental cleaning and examination. It will allow the early signs of Gum Disease Treatments in texas to be detected and treated well before it worsens.

Do you think you are struggling with gingivitis or periodontitis? Do not panic! Contact the Mont-Royal Dental Center now. Our dentists and periodontists will accompany you and help you find healthy gums.


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