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Virtual Graduation Ceremony – Tips And Ideas

Ever since virtual events have become the ‘New normal,’ all the sectors worldwide have begun to leverage the virtual route for making their events successful. The same applies to the education sector as well. 

 Right from the time when a student steps foot in high school, the one event that they are more excited about is the graduation ceremony. Not only is it a perfect moment for a student, but the parents also look forward to it. However, the pandemic has different plans for everyone. Virtual graduation ceremonies have become the need of the hour and have become successful over the past few years. 

 Moreover, hosting a memorable graduation ceremony can be quite challenging to implement. This post will give you an insight into the best virtual graduation ceremony ideas that schools can leverage to host a super successful virtual graduation. 

We are sure you are as excited to explore the options of virtual graduation ideas as we are to reveal them to you.  Without any further ado, let’s get started! 

Best Ideas & Tips To Host A Virtual Graduation Ceremony 

● Select The Event Platform Wisely 

Schools and institutions often face space constraints in their premise auditoriums to accommodate a large crowd. On the other hand, virtual space can easily accommodate a much larger number of students. 

 Even though all students would be excited about the event, it is a good idea to know their count. There may be many students who are not as technology savvy. Hence, you should consider a platform that all students can easily access. You can select from a large number of virtual event platforms online. Be sure to have a look at its features before finalizing. 

● Include Graduation Backgrounds 

Replace the same old mundane background with a fun graduation theme background on platforms like Zoom. Changing the event background on Zoom is not a difficult task and can be done by sending a link to your students in their invitation mail. 

 You can even host a fun game where the students can show off their styling skills by changing their backgrounds. The one with the most innovative background wins the game. Moreover, you can include fun prizes to increase participation. 

● Send Goody Bags With Graduation Robes To The Students 

Lift your students’ spirits by sending them fun goody bags before the event. You can set the bag based on the budget on your budget. You can include items like a school swag bag, fun stationery, candy, photo frames, etc.  

Most importantly, you can include graduation robes and caps in the bag to surprise your students. Every student looks forward to dressing up for their graduation ceremony. By dressing up in black graduation caps and robes, they will be in for a surprise and look forward to attending the virtual graduation. 

● Include A Social Media Wall 

Your students, too, are regular social media users who enjoy an active presence on the platform. Additionally, there is a high chance that they may post content from the ceremony on their handle in the form of fun selfies, images, videos, etc.  

You can boost the event’s engagement by including a fun social media wall. If you are not aware of it, a social media wall for virtual events is a collection of social media feeds that are customized and displayed on a screen. The students will be delighted to see their content featured on a social media wall, pushing other students to participate.  

● Record The Ceremony 

Lastly, a graduation ceremony is meant to be one of the most memorable days of the student’s life. Hence, they should cherish it forever.  

Make sure that you record the complete virtual graduation ceremony and send it over to your students in their mail. They will be excited to play and go through it! 

Final Thoughts 

We have reached the conclusion section of this post, and you are now ready to host a super memorable virtual graduation ceremony. Go on now, include these strategies in your preparations, and you will successfully be able to host a fun ceremony that will be imprinted in the minds of your students forever! 

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