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Online Education: A list Of Important Terms

Like any other speciality and technology field, online education has numerous abbreviations and terms that may seem confusing or unfamiliar at first. However, understanding all of such terms that are used in the world of online learning can help students adjust to this method. Not only this, but it will also help them learn more about this learning method. 

This post will discuss some of the main terms related to online learning. In addition, we will explain them in detail so that next time you see them somewhere, you will know exactly what it means and is used for.

A List of Important Terms in Online Education

As mentioned briefly, it is essential to know some terms used in online education as it helps you navigate through this world and get a better sense of this virtual reality. 

 Below are some of the most important online learning and education terms. These terms are used widely across different institutes and throughout various fields.


MOOC essentially stands for “Massive Open Online Course.” It is a web-based class where students must watch lectures in video format and then interact with instructors and their fellow peers through online forums.

Various MOOCs also include quizzes and multiple-choice tests taken through online class help. Whereas some use peer-reviewed papers to assess how much students are learning.

Virtual Learning Environment (VLE)

In Virtual Learning Environment, an all-in-one software facilitates online learning by creating an online learning environment.  In VLE, instructors use digital media such as chats, podcasts, videos, and audio. The assignments are also submitted through learning software. 

 These are software whose services are monitored and provided by the college or university administrator. Some examples of virtual learning environments are Blackboard, OLAT, and Moodle.

 This learning environment is often referred to as a learning platform or learning management system, more commonly known as LMS.

Course Management System

A course management system includes various online tools. All instructors can use these tools to create an online course by incorporating multiple content types, including audio files or videos. 

 It helps in gaining the attention of students and makes learning interactive. Such content then can be uploaded on the Internet without using HTML or any other computer programming languages.

Educational Technology or EdTech

Education Technology consists of many domains, like computerized training, online learning, and learning theory. 

It involves the use of various digital tools for the learning process. For example, videos, images, audio recordings, infographics, charts, streaming videos, educational software, Internet learning, and so much more. 

 The best part of it is that EdTech can happen in a physical classroom or anywhere as long as there is a Wi-Fi connection.

Online Learning

Online learning is a form of learning where almost 80% of activities happen online. It is also known as distance learning as it only got famous after the Internet became easily available throughout the world.

 Now students from any part of the world can attend classes in another country without ever travelling there. It is because, in online class help, learning you might never be face-to-face with your instructor or classmates.


E-Learning is known as learning supported and facilitated by the use of information and technology. It includes any electronic means, for instance, CDs, downloaded software, or the Internet. 

Distance Learning

Distance learning is one of the best forms of learning, with COVID on the rise. You can get this education from anywhere without ever having face-to-face contact with your instructors and classmates.

 It is not only limited to electronic or online methods. Distance learning can also happen through letters, worksheets, papers, phone, and email conversations.

Mobile Learning

Mobile learning is used to describe the whole process of getting educational content with the help of your mobile device.  Even though smartphones are the widely used mobile devices, gadgets like iPads, iPods, etc., can also help you assist and engage in mobile learning.

Blended Learning

It is the most popular type of learning currently. A blended learning approach is essentially a mixture of online learning with face-to-face classroom experiences. If it is done well, students can have the best of both worlds.

It is often referred to as hybrid learning. This approach is ideal for adults who plan to go back to education after a short time or do part-time work, etc.

 Like learning completely online, blended learning also fits students who have families to look after or other responsibilities. All of this makes it difficult to attend traditional educational systems.


While the world of online education is growing day by day, and new terms are emerging. This article discusses some of the most important words that every online class help student learn.

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