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Joe McLemore Biography, Married Life and More

Joe McLemore, the husband of Vickie Winans, was born in the United States. He was a well-known businessman, but he got fame because of his wife, Vickie Winans. Mattie A Bowman was the mother in law of Joe, and Aaron Bowman was his father in law. His mother in law was a housewife, and his father in law worked as a carpenter, mason and contractor.  He possessed American nationality and belonged toblack ethnic heritage. Hiswife, Vickie Winans, belonged to black lineage too.


Married Life Of Joe McLemore

Joe Mclemore married a renowned music producer, singer, and songwriter, the Gospel recording artist Vickie Winans. He was the third husband of Vickie Winans. She was married to Bishop Ronald Brown, but their relationship ended due to personal issues. Then, she again married Marvin Winans, but like her first marriage, this one could not last, and they separated in 1995 after 18 years of togetherness. Vickie Winans was diagnosed with ulcers on the oesophagus, diabetes and she gained weight after her separation from Bishop Ronald Brown. She developed the previous disorder due to stress.

joe mclemore With Her Wife

He was a very private person. That’s why he didn’t like to share his stuff with the media. Joe and Vickie Winans dated each other for a long time and then decided to tie the knot in 2003 and chose to arrange their wedding in a very private function. Joe and Vickie decided to invite only family and friends to their marriage ceremony. He had an amicable and loveable relationship with Vickie Winans.  He and Vickie Winans supported each other’s decisions and cherished their victories together.

Hobbies of Joe 

He was a sports admirer. He was a golf lover and spent most of his leisure time playing Golf.


He was an eminent businessman by profession and owned a business house in the United States of America. He was a private person. So, he didn’t reveal the type of business he was doing.


He has gained an impressive amount of money from his business, but the actual figures are unknown. Though, it’sconsidered to be in a million dollars.


Joe M.  and Vickie Winans didn’t have children together. But Vickie Winans has three sons from her two previous marriages. She has one son from Bishop Ronald Brown and two sons from Marvins Winans. On the other hand, Joe was a very generous man. He had delightful and friendly behavior with VickieWinans’s children. Because of Joe’s peaceful nature, Vickie’s children got attached to him.

Joe Mclemore’s wife’s Professional life

His wife, Vickie Winans, is a Gospel Singer in America. She also worked as a record producer and songwriter. Vickie started pursuing singing at a very young age. She sang at the age of 8 in a temple. Winans emerged as a best-selling singer on light records, which encouraged her husband, Marvin, to secure a recording contract. “Be Encouraged” was the first independent Album of Vickie released in 1987. That proved to be a successful album for her. Because of this hit album, Vickie got nominated for the Grammy award, Excellent Award for Best Female Contemporary Artist, and Stellar Award for the Album Of the Year.

In 1990, not only with the Gospel recording company, Vickie got the chance to work with Geffen records. Universal records managed to bring Geffen records. Vickie Winans is considered the most diligent lady in Gospel music. Because of her music excellence, she was privileged to rank as the most renowned Gospel Singer and eminent celebrity in the United States of America.

CGI organized the most expensive campaign to launch three Albums of Winans. Firstly, “Live in Detroit” was released in May. Then, in July, the Laughter comedy and at the end of the year in October; Women to women (Songs of Survival) were released. CGI arranged ads in magazines, came up with concept videos and sent Vickie to different high Profile programs to get Vickie’s press coverage. In 2002, Vickie signed to work with Verity Records, bought by her longtime friend, Max Siegel. In 2003, Vickie came up with her most famous song, Shake Yourself Loose, written and produced by Mario, her son.

His wife Income

Vickie Winans, a well-known Gospel singer and Comedian. His wife is thought to have total assets of about Three million dollars.

joe mclemore Picture With Here Wife

Cause Of Death

Joe M. died on 24 August 2019. His family did not reveal the reason for his death. His wife, Vickie Winans, used his social media accounts to inform the world about demise of his beloved husband. She did not tell the actual reason for death, but her words showed that Joe might have suffered from a severe health issue. Vickie Winans said that she found peace to know that Joe Mclemore died doing what he loved the most, playing 18 holes of Golf.

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