Dorothy Jo Gideon

Dorothy Jo Gideon, Bio, Age, and Death

Dorothy Jo Gideon is renowned as the wife of Bob Barker. She possessed the American nationality and belonged to a white ethnic heritage. Dorothy Jo opened her eyes in Jack Olive Gideon and Dorothy L Evans Gideon’s house on February 24, 1924, in Springfield, Missouri, United States of America. She was a beautiful lady, had hazel-colored eyes with dark brown hair.

Dorothy Jo Gideon Profession

Dorothy Jo Gideon got the limelight because of her husband, Bob Barker. Like her husband, she also got the chance to work in the entertainment industry. But Dorothy wasn’t well known as Bob. She sang and did voiceovers for different ads. She also participated and was seen on game shows such as Tattletales and It’s Your Bet. Apart from being an entertainer, She gave her services as an animal rights advocate.

Husband’s Profession

Bob Barker is a renowned TV host and served as a fighter aviator in World War II. He started his career with his radio show named “The Bob Barker Show,” which telecasted for six years. He got fame because of “The Price is Right.” He regulated the game show for 35 years. He won the 19 Emmys award and Lifetime Achievement Award for Daytime television. He got the chance to host many shows like the family game, End of Rainbow, That’s my line.

Affection for Animals 

Dorothy Jo Gideon had an extraordinary affection towards animals. She worked throughout her life for the welfare of animals and fought to protect their lives and provide them a better life on this planet. Dorothy raised the issue of using a coat made up of animal fur. She stopped using those coats and stopped eating animal meat. She encouraged her husband Bob to do the same. Bob followed her steps and started addressing these animal issues as well.

The initiative of not using animal fur taken by Dorothy caused positive changes in society even after her death. Miss USA beauty pageant contestant ceased the use of Fur swimsuit. It was because of Bob’s willingness to leave the show if they use fur swimsuits. He promoted the use of artificial fur instead of real ones. The Price is Right show also stopped the distribution of Fur coats as prizes. Dorothy Jo didn’t spare any creature from a small cockroach to whales in the ocean from her campaign. Bob continued working for animal rights even after Dorothy’s death.

Married Life Of Bob Barker

Dorothy Jo Gideon and Bob got to know each other from high school when both were only 14. Bob decided to take Dorothy Jo to Ella Fitzgerald musical concert. At that time, Bob was only 15 years of age, which was their first date. They became friends, and their bond got more substantial with time. She told her aunt about Bob. She said that she had discovered the love of her life. Bob’s personality and looks inspired Dorothy. Dorothy and Bob decided to tie the knot after their long-term relationship on January 12, 1945. Bob was busy with his work when Dorothy married him. So, they didn’t get the chance to enjoy their formal honeymoon. Bob took Dorothy with him while completing his training as a pilot in US armed forces. And both told, that was the best time of their life. Both encouraged each other in their professional as well as in personal life. Dorothy encouraged Bob about his radio show, which came out to be a massive success.


Dorothy Jo Gideon and Bob Barker have lived happily married for 36 years. They had an exceptional love for each other, but they didn’t have children together. And they never revealed the reason for not having children.

Husband Income

Her husband, Bob marker, has assets of 70 million dollars approximately. He has gained an annual salary of about 10 million dollars. He is a generous man and has spent a bountiful amount on charity and good work. In 2010, he contributed nearly 5 million dollars to the Sea Shepherd Conservative Society (an animal activist group). He gave 2.5 million dollars to PETA to construct their Los Angeles headquarters, which is now named “Bob Barker Building.” The list of his good work didn’t stop here. He also gave huge money of 700000 dollars to shift three elephants to a government-protected habitat from Toronto zoo in 2014.

Cause Of Death

Lung cancer was the prime reason for Dorothy Jo Gideon death. She was identified with lung cancer six months before her death. She couldn’t resist the severity of the disease and departed on October 19, 1981, at the age of 67 in Los Angeles. Dorothy’s place of inhumation is in Forest Lawn, Los Angeles, United States of America. On the 36th death anniversary, Bob marker went to his beloved wife’s graveyard and presented beautiful flowers to her headstone in 2017. Bob’s kind act showed his endearment and warmth towards his wife even after many years of separation. Bob Marker decided not to marry any other woman because of his extraordinary love and affection for her. In various interviews, he said he has lost his significant other and is not interested in marrying again.

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