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Best Way to Package Different Types of Candles

The candle business has been in the market for a long time. First, candles were primarily used for light, but now these are used for various purposes. For example, candles are used for their aroma and decoration. Moreover, candles are also used to represent some religious occasions and other festivals. All these different uses ensure that candles are always in demand.

These varieties of candles differ in their form, type, and packaging. The packaging requirement of every product varies according to its size and structure. Also, the manufacturers make bespoke boxes of different products that fit their items. The packaging of candles with custom candle boxes holds the items and represents them in the market effectively. Therefore, custom candle packaging boxes are the standard packing of many products.

Packaging different Candles

The trend for candles has greatly increased due to their aesthetic presence and calming effect. Many people use candles to give a relaxing effect to their surroundings. Moreover, many individuals love making candles of varying scents and styles. Candle lovers around the world purchase different candles and manufacture them as well. Candles have become part of various festivals and events as well. These small items bring joy and peace to many, so the packaging needs consideration. These are of various types, and each varies in packaging. Here are different types of candles and their packaging:

Decorative Candles

Candles are wildly used for decorative purposes. Many people decorate their places with candles to make them aesthetically pleasing. Also, there are now many stylish candles sold for decoration used for some occasions and events. For instance, candles in bright colors with beautiful designs will look perfect in a room. These candles must be attractive and hold ornamental value. Customers often purchase decorative candles to decorate their special events or gifts.

custom candle boxes

The packaging of such attractive items must be suitable to maintain the integrity of the product. The square boxes of an appropriate size are good enough. However, the customization of the candle boxes should reflect the styles of the product inside. Thus, make styled boxes for decorative products.

Votive Candles

Votive candles are commonly known as prayer candles. Their composition determines their burning time, but these are mainly made of beeswax or paraffin. The motive candles are usually small and circular, but some are longer and larger.

Votive candles are rarely sold individually, primarily sold in groups. The size and the number of candles vary, so packaging is usually customized. The custom candle packaging boxes give an edge over the competitors, which brings the brand to another level.

Taper Candle

Taper candles are plain and traditional candles. These are long and cylindrical in structure. The taper candles are preferred despite being plain due to their vintage look. Apart from their color and scent, nothing else is distinctive about them. So all the taper candles have the same basic structure and property.

Some taper candles are sold with a stand, but most in groups. The packaging of these candles is made stylish through unique patterns and design. Also, these boxes can be made specific to the brand to increase recognition in the market.

Aromatherapy Candles

Aromatherapy candles are the most used and preferred candle type nowadays. These candles are known for their aroma pleasing and calming effect. Also, all the aroma candles have unique fragrances so that every person can select a candle according to their preference. The scented candles are used for different purposes and places. For example, for therapy, when bathing, during yoga sessions, etc.  

custom candle boxes

The packaging is given great importance in these candles. Mostly custom candle boxes specify the scent, name, and other qualities of the product. These qualities must be specified on the packaging to select the aroma of their choice.

Tea Light Candles

These are small, tiny circular candles used for many purposes. Tea light candles are diversely available in many colors, styles, containers, and scents. The tea light candles are used for decoration, dinners, and styling places.

The tea light candles are always sold in a range, and there might be six or more candles. The packaging might be plain containers or customized boxes. The custom boxes are specific to the brand, so they represent the label in store.


In the  conclusion of custom candle boxes, we have seen there are many varieties of candles. These candles are used for different purposes and have other structures and forms. So the packaging of every candle is customized according to its requirements.

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