Begonia Maculate

How to Care for Begonia Maculate

Begonia Maculate plant is considered one of the largest plant species in genera. Like  Stephania erecta, it’s a unique plant whose leaves are green in color, and polka dots are made of their blades; that is why it’s commonly called polka dots begonia. The fibrous root system of this plant makes it most closely related to begonias wax, and the care of this plant is very similar. Moreover, this angel-winged begonia is also called crown spotted or polka dot begonia.

Furthermore, we use flowering begonia for home decoration which we plant in potted gardens. The plant’s height ranges from 15cm to 30cm. Moreover, high humidity is essential, so a digital hygrometer can be helpful for monitoring humidity. The begonia growth can be down or disturbed owing to our fall on deaf ears, so their care is necessary on time. Moreover, if you’re interested to learn about landscape designing then you can click the link to explore more about how to create a perfect landscape design?

Factors of Begonia Maculate Care


These plants don’t need adequate water because it is so sensitive to the time of their watering. The correct time and the method to follow is that when the plant soil dries out, it’s better to give them more water.


For this plant, it’s better to choose light soil; a good option for that is a combination of leaf soil, perlite, and a small amount of garden soil. Moreover, you also use ready-made soil and fertilization every 2-4 weeks and prune back at least twice per year to maintain compact growth.


The required temperature is 65°F (18°C) to 86°F (30°C). However, a temperature above 60 degrees Fahrenheit or 15 degrees Celsius is Harmful to the plant.

Begonia Maculate Flowers

Begonia has white flowers with a yellow center and a single stem. Usually, the flowers of this begonia bloom between spring and autumn. This plant is a vigorous grower. Keep pruning your plant to maintain its beauty. However, if your plant grows too tall then the best time to maintain height of this plant is in late autumn.


You can grow the polka dot begonia plants from seeds, but the easiest way to grow them is to propagate them from cuttings if you need just a few new plants. You do not have to slice the leaves up. Each stem of this plant can change into potentially a whole new pant. When rooting begonia, cutting the water about every three days, Begonia acts like a leap and bound role to grow fast and produce leaves almost weekly. It can grow up to 12 inches per growing season. A small amount of compost or inorganic fertilizer is a positive for a green thumb.

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Begonia Maculate Varieties

There are multiple types of this adorable plant:

  • Cana Begonia Sinbad
  • Cana Begonia Coccinea
  • Cana Begonia Albopictus rosea
  • Cana Begonia Torch
  • Begonia Medora
  • Begonia Annan Grace
  • Begonia Silver Spot
  • Begonia Flamingo Queen
  • Begonia The Wiz


The Begonia Maculate is a specie that sensitive to soil moisture and demanding to soil oxygen concentration. But there are pros and cons to that. The plant is a fairly fast grower and can grow more than three feet taller. On the other hand, in this plant, the primary toxins are in the roots, but its leaves and stems can cause oral irritation. Therefore, the ASPCA considers begonia toxic for animals like dogs, cats and horses.

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